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    What is my job:

    Lead multiple creative teams and processes; provide creative direction and expertise with business perspective. Ensure that all branded communication pieces and their creative execution align with company priorities and that all communications are integrated and connected to effectively speak to our customers. Develop and maintain Wegmans’ brand identity, while focusing on highly complex projects and ensuring business objectives are achieved.


    What skills, learnings, and experiences are required?

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design
    • 10 or more years of Graphic Design Experience driving compelling creative strategy and execution.
    • 5 or more years of experience managing a team of Graphic Designers
    • Experience with a high volume advertising design studio or ad agency.
    • Actively communicate the company vision and values to all and ensure work is completed in line with the organization's priorities and goals (integrates Who We Are & What We Do)
    • Managing change by gaining a commitment to change using patience, two-way communication and developing a clear picture of the future while supporting our people through transitions and deep rooting the change in their areas
    • Conduct accurate cost benefit analysis in order to invest where most the value is added
    • Show a customer solutions focus, listening to customers and making decisions with their current and future needs in mind, focusing efforts on building customer relationships and providing incredible service
    • Easily build relationships with others, gaining trust and support, finding common ground and using team-based approaches to solve problems and achieve goals
    • Comfortable managing through systems, making things work through others without being there; establishing and communicating a clear direction that allows managing from a distance
    • Exhibit enthusiasm & knowledge, leveraging available resources to seek out the best quality products and solutions that we are proud of and meet our high standards
    • Ability to influence or cause change in thought or actions through verbal and written communications
    • Demonstrate teambuilding by communicating a common purpose, empowering team members to contribute their best and selecting candidates with a variety of skills and styles for inclusion on the team Possess strategic business planning skills seizing opportunities for continuous improvement to shape the future direction of a department; facilitating others through the development of long-term goals; creating competitive and breakthrough strategic plans
    • Ability to drive innovation, seizing opportunities to put creative ideas into action. Can look beyond today to inspire and motivate teams to strive for higher standards and lead the innovation process to develop strategies and drive change
    • What skills, learnings, and experiences are preferred and will set me apart?
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    • Work environment:
    • Work involves continuous interaction with co-workers in fast-paced environment
    • Work includes sitting for prolonged periods, along with repetitive hand and arm movements
    • Work requires frequent use of the telephone and computer
    • Responsible for moving and lifting an average of 1 – 5 pounds with a maximum weight lifted of 10 pounds occasionally

    Employment at Wegmans may be contingent upon your completion and our evaluation of a drug screen physical and/or criminal background check
    All Applicants will be screened; only those closely matching the job posting will be interviewed

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  • Tamara VanNostrand
    Hi - great post! I am interested to know if a degree and experience in marketing is applicable to this role if the candidate has a background in graphic design and creative work?
  • Alice Trotter
    This position seems very interesting to me though I'd enjoy learning more about the current marketing tools/platforms Wegmans currently in this role. Would there be an opportunity to innovate the digital marketing footprint? Also is there an option to work anywhere else besides Rochester,NY
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